We are Under One Sky together

Under One Sky is a volunteer-led initiative supporting people living on the streets of London through friendship and compassion.  We distribute food, drink, and much-needed essential supplies to those who don’t have a safe place to call home, but at the heart of our work is the power of human connection.

Founded in 2012 by Mikkel Juel Iversen and a small group of friends, our organisation has grown organically to become a community of more than 1,000 volunteers in 2021.

Our mission is to end homelessness in the UK and beyond. To us, that doesn’t simply mean placing people into housing.  It means supporting people to transform their lives from surviving to thriving.

We act as an enabler for local communities, businesses, and public organisations to become involved in our shared cause.

Under One Sky has teams in London, Brighton and Cambridge, with plans for more locations underway.  It is through the special insights, relationships and trust developed with our friends on the street that we embark on the pursuit of this bigger mission, together.

We believe there are three pillars to successfully ending homelessness

  • Shifting Opinion:

The homelessness narrative needs to evolve to focus more on what causes homelessness, the human cost and ways for society to make a positive impact.

  • Building Community:

It takes a village to change a homeless friend’s life. UOS facilitates this by empowering communities to activate their passion for the cause.

  • Changing Lives:

Direct engagement between homeless friends and the community to deliver sustainable life changes one individual at a time.

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Let’s come together to end homelessness

“When the community comes together to address social issues, we are unstoppable.”

Darlington (formerly homeless)